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A very different wedding!

11709695_1021446054540039_5054019559283117129_oI had the great pleasure of travelling down to Roe Green near Manchester this weekend to take a wedding ceremony for two wonderful ladies.

It was for me a first … because not only was I doing the “handfasting” and “jumping the broom” ceremonies, but in acknowledgement to their belief, they also had a Wiccan Priestess doing part of the ceremony… for the very first time I had to work alongside someone else!

It was a very interesting and lovely ceremony … made very special by two very lovely brides .. and the care and thought that they had put in for every single one of their guests.

They had a dancing group called Thieving Magpies .. who kept everyone enthralled and entertained .. and even had a pet SKUNK called Wilfred!  (I think I am a wee bit in love with Wilfred!).

The day was fantastic .. very memorable, for the laughter, tears (of happiness), friendship and just the great feeling of joy that seemed to be all around!

I hope you like the photos!

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A letter to you …


I write on a couple of different blogs .. which I like to keep separate .. this is something I wrote a couple of years ago for a very good friend who was going through a rough time …  since then I have shared it with a couple of other people who deserve it ..

This pain you are feeling and the emptiness it leaves inside you will not last forever.

One day you will wake up and your first thought will not be painful or about her.

It is funny how the people that treat us badly are the people we want.   They have a pull on our emotions that make us suffer and love all at the same time.   It takes a long time to feel anything again because what we have felt we think we can only feel for that person.   Maybe that is true.   Maybe we do love different people in different ways.

A relationship that is emotionally unstable keeps us hooked, like a drug.. it is our addiction.  We hate the lows but love the highs and are prepared to put up with abuse of both the mental and sometimes the physical type for those few moments when we are told and feel we are loved.

This is not love.   This is power, control. Someone who truly loves you does so in a quiet way, an unassuming way.  There is little drama, little pain, no lies, just a quiet understanding and a peace.

It may not be wildly exciting and nor should it be, excitement and adrenalin cannot last forever.   What does last is the knowing, the comfort and the peace that comes from having someone hold you, not for sex, not for show but just because they want to hold you for you and the comfort it gives to both.

This is the person who will be there when your times are bad, who understands that sometimes you need space, quietness and time to be alone.   Not as a reflection of how you feel about them, but how you feel about yourself.

When you find yourself trying too hard, excusing the little lies and the things that are done to make you jealous, angry or upset it is time to stop trying, to walk away.

Everyone will hurt, everyone thinks they will never love again, everyone feels alone, useless, a failure and unwanted at sometime.    This is life, this is love.

We can love, and we can love wrongly, we can confuse our “need” with our “want” and some people know exactly how to make us feel as if we “need” them in our lives.   The truth is, we never “need” anyone and nor should we.   Need is about control.  Want is about love.

The people who eventually understand what love is are the people who have loved and lost, had a broken heart that they thought they would never recover from, a thought that they will never be able to move on and that they will be alone forever with an empty heart.

These are the lucky people, although they may not realise it at first.  The ones who know what capacity their heart has for love and who are willing to sit back, be honest and take time to recover.   To allow the healing of the heart to take it’s own time, to not rush, not push, not jump into something else that might mask the pain for a while.

These are the brave people.   The right people.   You.