Monthly Archives: September 2014

This is simply beautiful ….

I admit to a wee tear .. this is just so lovely …   click on the link to watch it ….


A friend of mine has been going through a bit of a rough patch lately … and has been upset by comments and a few lies flying around about her.folder2

I have found myself in her situation a few times and sometimes there is no reason for it .. apart from small mindedness and ignorance.

Through all of my pals hard times she has often shown random acts of kindness .. and today .. it was my turn …

I received the most beautiful A4 folder … to say I am surprised is an understatement .. and to say I am delighted just does not cover it!

Kindness comes in many forms … sometimes just a kind word or a listening ear is all that is required.   Sadly many people seem to forget this.   I am so grateful that my friend has not!


Come and have a chat!

This Sunday I will be at The Pavilion in Pittencrieff Park (The Glen) in Dunfermline with the Wedding Co-op.

There will be a wedding fashion show and band showpiece section as well as a presentation to a local charity.

If you are thinking of getting married this show is a must everything you need for your big day will be exhibited here and advice is given freely!

I look forward to meeting you!