The Last Word!

mumOur funeral is probably the biggest event that will ever happen to us .. and an event we will never see!

Some plan ahead with funeral plans and requests via Funeral Directors but very few actually think about what will be said at their tribute.

We all have memories, we all have thoughts and wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to have some control over what is said.  You may have special words of thanks or even a few stories you want to share.

I can do this for you.

As an experienced Celebrant I have written many tributes that are very personal and contain the sentiment that is required, we are all very different and this should be shown in your tribute, a reflection of your life and your feelings.

I can now offer a service which is called “The Last Word!”.   This is a service that allows YOU to have a say in what is said at your funeral or cremation.

I will meet with you (if distance allows, otherwise we can have a good old chat over the telephone or skype) to get the information you would like mentioned.  I will then write the tribute in the way you want it to be written, so that the “twinkle in your eye” can be remembered.

We can discuss different options for the final Committal and also how long you would like to leave (if any!) for your family to have a say.

I also offer a free CD of music of your choice (up to 5 pieces of music) and unlimited changes and amendments to your Tribute.

There is also NO obligation to use my Celebrant services at your funeral, this is all about giving YOU the choice and control over your last word!

The cost of this service is £100, which includes the music CD and unlimited changes.

You will receive a copy of your tribute and CD and I also offer free storage that your family can request after your death.

For further information please call me on 01383 872 621 or email


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