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Every year The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants supports a small charity.  This year it has been decided it will be CRY..


New string to my bow ..

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I have decided to start selling unique wee gifts on my site … at the moment I have Glass Plaques that can be engraved with ANY message or poem that you wish .. and there is a space for you to add your own photo.

More details can be found under “Memory Gifts” on the title bar … or by clicking here Memory Gifts

There will be additional gifts being added to this soon … personalised memory boxes, slates that can have photos on etc … keep watching!

The little boy that was loved.

To me and to many others you are our heroines.

The love that you have in your hearts knows no bounds and what you do for others, who are much less fortunate, is really beyond words.

I know that right now you are both going through probably the toughest time in your lives and nothing that I or anyone else can say can ease that pain right now.

The next few days, weeks and months will be tough on you both .. life will not be the same but you gave love and happiness to a very special little boy who was always destined to be a visitor into your life and your hearts.

His visit, so tragically short, has meant something to you and all that knew him and I know that you will always remember him for the little personality he undoubted was.

Take your time right now, cry when you want to, but don’t forget to smile sometimes too .. nothing you could have done would have prevented this and I am just happy that for him, he had you both.

Talk together, cry together, laugh together, play with the 2 minions and the dogs, celebrate that you had him in your life .. celebrate that you knew him and loved him.. and helped him to enjoy the life that he had.

Take your time, grieve in your own way (which might be quite different from each other), but talk, remember and smile at the memories you have.   They are yours now, always, and that is a beautiful little tribute to him.

I know you both .. and I know you will open your home and hearts up to another little star that will receive all the love and attention that they deserve .. not as a replacement .. not to help you forget .. but in honour of the little boy that was loved.