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Simply Beautiful ….

Published Testimonials

I have now added a page with some of the testimonials I have received.    It may be updated later as I have contacted a few other families to ask their permission to use the lovely words that they have sent to me.

You can see some of the lovely words I have received here …   Testimonial Page


I have never been a great fan of publishing testimonials, simply because I know that sometimes they are not as accurate or true as they should be  … but I did have someone approach me after a funeral I had taken to say “I wish we had used you, but when we checked out your website you didn’t have any referrals on there” …..  so … I have decided that perhaps I should list some.

This, doesn’t sit easy with me for some reason … but it seems it is “expected” … so, for now anyway, I will join the madding crowd …