A very different wedding!

11709695_1021446054540039_5054019559283117129_oI had the great pleasure of travelling down to Roe Green near Manchester this weekend to take a wedding ceremony for two wonderful ladies.

It was for me a first … because not only was I doing the “handfasting” and “jumping the broom” ceremonies, but in acknowledgement to their belief, they also had a Wiccan Priestess doing part of the ceremony… for the very first time I had to work alongside someone else!

It was a very interesting and lovely ceremony … made very special by two very lovely brides .. and the care and thought that they had put in for every single one of their guests.

They had a dancing group called Thieving Magpies .. who kept everyone enthralled and entertained .. and even had a pet SKUNK called Wilfred!  (I think I am a wee bit in love with Wilfred!).

The day was fantastic .. very memorable, for the laughter, tears (of happiness), friendship and just the great feeling of joy that seemed to be all around!

I hope you like the photos!

2015-06-27 16.54.45 2015-06-27 16.26.48 2015-06-27 15.11.47 2015-06-27 15.03.23

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