Other Life Events

There are many times in our life where our situations change, sometimes for the good, sometimes not so.

All these occasions deserve respect for the difference that it will bring to your life and in many cases divorce ring 2help with recovery from anguish.

Sadly not all marriages or civil partners will last and when this happens it is a sad and difficult time for both partners and can especially hard when there are children involved   Divorce ceremonies can either be conducted with just one partner from the marriage present, or both partners if the divorce is more amicable.

You may consider involving your children in the ceremony by perhaps presenting them a letter from eachparent explaining your love for them to assure them that although the marriage has ended that both of you will always love them.

Obviously ceremonies involving divorce are very sensitive and need to be handled carefully and professionally to provide a meaningful ceremony which acknowledges loss, feelings and future.

new life old life



You may be planning retirement and want to celebrate your new found freedom with family and friends or you have realised a dream of starting a new business and you may want to celebrate this.  

Whatever your reason, celebrate the life event to make it even more memorable!



Pets are also a very important part of the family.  

dog in fieldThey are loyal, loving and give us great joy.   Often when they pass away we are left mourning the loss.   I can write and conduct a beautiful and moving ceremony for your pet. Often this is done at the same time as the introduction of a new family pet to allow the family to say goodbye to a special friend and hello to a new one.

As a pet lover myself I know the pain of saying goodbye to a loved wee friend and I will come along to meet with the family to find out all about your pet, and why it was such an important member of your family.   You will also have a copy of the memorial service and a CD of any music you choose to accompany the service.

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