Simply Beautiful ….

Published Testimonials

I have now added a page with some of the testimonials I have received.    It may be updated later as I have contacted a few other families to ask their permission to use the lovely words that they have sent to me.

You can see some of the lovely words I have received here …   Testimonial Page


I have never been a great fan of publishing testimonials, simply because I know that sometimes they are not as accurate or true as they should be  … but I did have someone approach me after a funeral I had taken to say “I wish we had used you, but when we checked out your website you didn’t have any referrals on there” …..  so … I have decided that perhaps I should list some.

This, doesn’t sit easy with me for some reason … but it seems it is “expected” … so, for now anyway, I will join the madding crowd …

A year in …

I have officially been working as a Celebrant 1 year this month.

It has been a year (well 18 months) of a lot of changes in my life.   The closure of my last business (a Recruitment agency), two training courses for Family and Funeral Celebrancy and the start of my new career.

I have learned to much over the last year and the help I have had from various people is something that I truly appreciate.

There have been times when I have questioned if it was worth it.   When I have hoping for a cheque to clear quickly through the bank, when I have had to check my petrol gauge to see how far I can travel and when I have had to turn down social events because I simply have not had the spare cash to attend.

I have had job offers, back in recruitment, that have made me stop at times and think … but .. in my heart I know I am doing the right thing by continuing as a Celebrant.    It is something that I truly enjoy and take great pride in.   It is what I was born to do and I am so lucky that I did accidentally stumble across it.

A year in and my reputation is growing.   I am being requested by people who have seen my work and for me that is the greatest honour I could receive.

Here is to the next year!

This is simply beautiful ….

I admit to a wee tear .. this is just so lovely …   click on the link to watch it ….


A friend of mine has been going through a bit of a rough patch lately … and has been upset by comments and a few lies flying around about her.folder2

I have found myself in her situation a few times and sometimes there is no reason for it .. apart from small mindedness and ignorance.

Through all of my pals hard times she has often shown random acts of kindness .. and today .. it was my turn …

I received the most beautiful A4 folder … to say I am surprised is an understatement .. and to say I am delighted just does not cover it!

Kindness comes in many forms … sometimes just a kind word or a listening ear is all that is required.   Sadly many people seem to forget this.   I am so grateful that my friend has not!


Come and have a chat!

This Sunday I will be at The Pavilion in Pittencrieff Park (The Glen) in Dunfermline with the Wedding Co-op.

There will be a wedding fashion show and band showpiece section as well as a presentation to a local charity.

If you are thinking of getting married this show is a must everything you need for your big day will be exhibited here and advice is given freely!

I look forward to meeting you!

Wedding Fayres in Fife


The Last Word!

I have been very busy of late … and struggling to keep up with website ..

I have also been researching a new “arm” to the business as I have been requested to this a few times.

I now offer to meet with or speak to individuals who want to have a say in their own eulogy or tribute.

Many people seem to plan their funeral for costs etc .. but few actually have any say in what is said … now you can!

For further information have a little look at my new page on my website The Last Word!

Also feel free to cal me on 01383 872 621 if you have questions.



Just a man …

The death of Nelson Mandela was not unexpected but somehow still feels unreal.

He was truly a man of humanity, a visionary and a man who had a great capacity for forgiveness.

He acted not out of self importance, but out of a deep rooted belief in the right of all people.

He was a fair man, an honest man and won respect not by demand, not by his words, but by his actions and his unfailing belief.

He was loved and hated for his beliefs.   He was summed up as a Protester, a Prisoner and a Peacemaker.   

He was all of those things.   He was just a man who believed in Truth and Freedom.

A great man.   Rest in peace.