As it is nearing Christmas I thought I would share a wee story with you.

I moved back to Scotland in October 1999, leaving all my friends behind in Croydon.   My best friend Marina invited me back to stay at hers for Christmas that year, so off I went.

On Christmas morning I was woken by Marina coming into my room dressed as Santa .. the full outfit .. with pillows stuck down her trousers to make her look fat … we had a bit of a laugh and then I asked for to try the outfit on.

It fitted.  Much to the amusement of Marina…. (actually the trousers were a little tight … more on that later!)

I then had a bright idea .. one of my other friends had a young son of 4 .. and I thought it would be lovely if I went up to her house and waved through the window … Marina gave me some bells off her Christmas tree and off we went … she dropped me at the end of the road and I “HO HO HO’d” and rang my bells up the street .. all the wee kids came running to the windows .. and it was very sweet …

I came to the gate of my friends house and started waving … Josh (her wee boy) was screaming with excitement and other kids were running out of their houses to wave at me .. all fine and good .. until the rather tight trousers finally gave up and the elastic went … there was me desperately gripping hold of them while trying to walk and wave … Marina had to get out her car and run up behind me to hold my trousers up until we got to her car as I continued to wave and “Ho Ho HO”… so .. for any kids in Sydenham that year who seen me .. I apologise .. Santa did not mean to show off her knickers!

Your comments are appreciated!

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