The price people pay …

I am posting this from a friend of mine … Lauren Mackenzie

I walked down the tube stairs today behind a tall young man his shoulders were back his hair short clean shaven he walked down them slowly im slow so didnt care there was a steady streem pushing past me and this young man , i thought he looks so fit his rather large holdall bag seemed heavy and for a moment thought maybe thats why hes on go slow it wasnt until the bottom of stairs and on level when he walked i could see the click of an artificial leg on his trousers and i thought right as we reached platform we were stood next to each other our eyes made contact and i thought in for a pound in for a penny this young man had that air about him you know the one where your brain says i can spot a squaddie a mile away and i said to him you a soldier mate, he replied im an ex soldier ive just came in to collect all my gear ….i said to him as tube train approached well whatever you had to give for us thankyou, he beemed a smile the doors opened we got in , he went his way i went mine

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