A naming ceremony ….

george the vole


I have two pets.   A dog called Brae and a cat called Bo.

Brae is the most peaceful, calm, well behaved animal you could ever meet.   Bo is not.

Four days ago Bo brought a vole into the house and dropped it.   For some reason cats do not tend to kill and eat voles (as they do with mice) .. the simply play with them until they die.

Bo, however, was obviously feeling lazy.   She dropped the vole, who promptly took off behind my furniture and radiator panel whilst Bo settled down to snooze the rest of the day away.   As I said this was four days ago.   I still have not caught him.

I have actually taken pity on him as he is rather cute (see picture… but note this is NOT George as I only see the back end of him as he runs from one hiding place to another!).. so I have been putting down some cat treats and water for him …

This morning I got up and found “guts” on my living room carpet.  This is not unusual … Bo is extremely “generous”…

I gathered them up and disposed of them .. saying goodbye to George as I flushed the handle … and walked back into the living room …. only to see George scoot from under my writing desk to under the radiator panel!

I am convinced he was trying to fake his own death …. so I have named him   George Lord Lucan.

He is mine now.. I shall love him and squeeze him etc etc (if I ever manage to catch him that is!)





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